Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Old fashioned toys

Throughout Term 4 we have been looking at toys from the past for our inquiry topic. We have looked at our own favourite toys, talked to our family about their favourite toys when they were young, and experimented with some toys from many years ago.
As a part of our inquiry, we have made our own paper toys, like people may have done in the past. We have made paper spinning toys (which the kids will have taken home with them), paper helicopters and pinwheels.

Here are our paper helicopters
 As a part of our EOTC week, we made some more toys from the past. In Room 2 we made aeroplanes from pegs and ice block sticks, then we decorated with paint or felt pens.

After we made the planes, we moved to Room 1 where we made paper dolls

Later on that afternoon, we were lucky enough to be able to share our toys with the rest of the Kiwi team. We learnt that the other classes made knuckle bones, peg dolls, yarn dolls and snakes and ladders board games - how cool!!

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