Wednesday, 7 December 2016

EOTC week - gymnastics

What a fun day it was today!! We got to go to gymnastics - we were hanging, rolling, balancing, jumping and bouncing all morning! Everyone had an absolute blast and enjoyed every minute of it. Having so much fun that most of my photos are too blurry to see anything, the kids were moving so fast! :-)
Getting ready for the warm-up

Let's do a tuck.... L-shape....

...and a straddle.

EOTC week - swimming

What a great way to start our EOTC week off! The kids all had a fantastic time at the swimming pools. They each learnt a bit about water safety and got to have a turn going around the lazy river while wearing lifejackets - understanding what it feels like to wear a lifejacket and what to do when you have one on.
They also had some fun with a bit of free time in the other side of the pool.